Sun Long was interviewed. Photo by China News Agency reporter Dong Zeyu

Beijing, April 4 (Reporter Li He) The 1-2022 National Short Track Speed Skating Championship ended the second competition day on the afternoon of the 2023st. In the four finals played that day, Sun Long, who represented the Changchun team, won the men's 1m and 1500m events. The gold medals in the women's 500m and 1500m were won by Zang Yize of Heilongjiang and Wang Ye of Beijing, respectively.

In the individual events on the second competition day, the women's 1500m Group A final was the first to determine the gold medal. Heilongjiang's Zang Yize won the championship in 2:23.336. Her teammates, Xu Aili and Hao Weiying, were ranked second and third.

In the men's 1500m Group A final, Sun Long, who represented the Changchun team, beat the much-watched Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang to win the championship with 2:23.449. Jilin team Ren Haobo won the runner-up, and Liu Shaoang won a bronze medal. Liu Shaolin was sixth in 2:24.149.

In the women's 500m, Beijing's Wang Ye won in 44.226 seconds, while Heilongjiang's Xu Aili and Shandong's Gongli finished second and third respectively.

In the men's 500m Group A final, Sun Long won his second gold in this event in 41.455 seconds. Heilongjiang team Zhong Yuchen ranked second, Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang ranked three or four respectively.

After the match, Sun Long, who won two gold medals alone, said that today is a day to play his training level and look forward to Milan in three years.

Speaking about the Olympic champions Liu brothers, he said: "Short track speed skating is a competitive sport, we are all from China, we all participate in the national championships, we compete together, we compete in style, level, and clean gold medals. At next year's World Cup and World Championships, I hope to win gold medals for China in the world with these predecessors. ”

Liu Shaolin was interviewed. Photo by China News Agency reporter Dong Zeyu

This competition is the debut of Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang after naturalization. When talking about his feelings about playing for Tianjin for the first time, Liu Shaolin said: "I am very happy because my father is from Tianjin, and we also return to Tianjin every year. ”

In the team competition, the Heilongjiang Ice Training Center team, the joint relay team of Hebei Sports Bureau of Shandong Province, the joint relay team of Jilin Winter Sports Center of Jilin Province Ice Management Center of Inner Mongolia Jilin Province Sports School and the Yanbian Prefecture Joint Relay Team of Beijing Sichuan Jilin Ice Management Center passed the semifinals of the women's 3000m relay and entered the final held on the 2nd.

In the men's 5000,2m relay, Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang's Tianjin Winter and Water Management Center team was cancelled due to fouls. The representative team of Shandong Winter Sports Management Center, the representative team of Jilin Sports Bureau Ice Sports Management Center, the joint relay team of Beijing Winter Management Center of Sichuan Sports University and the joint relay team of Jilin Winter Protection Center of Changchun Winter Sports Management Center will compete for the championship in the final on the <>nd. (End)