Västerås won the first quarterfinal with the odd goal, 29-28, at home on Tuesday. But a Skuru with revenge to exact showed early on that they intended to make a better match today.

Midway through the first half, six balls separated, and the score was a whopping 19-11 at halftime. In the second half, they added to the numbers and ultimately won by a ten-ball margin, 36-26.

Clara Bergsten and Jennifer Johansson scored seven goals each for the home team.

"It looks pretty good overall, but there are little things to hone in on that will get better for the next game. For example, we lost the tempo in the second half and had too many technical errors," right-winger Alexandra Bjärrenholt told C More.

'Not representable'

Johanna Hellgren in Västerås was anything but satisfied when she was interviewed afterwards.

"I'm really disappointed with our effort. Losing by ten like this doesn't feel good at all. We really need to go home and think about how we're going to face their counter-attacking game because they were a lot sharper than us today," she told C More.

The third quarter-final will not be played until two weeks' time, on Saturday, April 15, due to a national team break.

"It's nice for us to have a few extra days to prepare for this wasn't representative. This is not okay," Hellgren said.

In the clip above: Watch four of Clara Bergsten's total of seven goals from Skuru's victory.