While the Finnish players can go out shopping and recharge for the final, Sweden will play the final meaningless regular season game against Kazakhstan tomorrow.

"It will be a game in the legs to go off, hopefully we will win and be well prepared for Sunday," Västerås goalkeeper Henrik Kjellson told Bandypuls.

He impressed with a save after a sideways move and a penalty save – both times he glued the ball.

"May make up for it on Sunday"

"It was an expected match where we have a lot of ball and they are low. Maybe we slopped a little bit in our game on defense. Now we've got one more game against them and we're going to reload for Sunday. We still have the means to win. It is what it is and we'll have to make up for it on Sunday," Kjellson said.

Sweden and Finland have stood out when Russia has been shut out.

"It's important that we are disciplined in our own game, our defensive and don't give them air. Then we have to put our positions there," says Finnish goalkeeper Kimmo Kyllönen, a regular at IFK Vänersborg.

"We had to defend and a lot and do it pretty well. This is usually the case against Sweden. We had to go for counterattacks. Our sisu can make a difference on Sunday and we have to dare to hold the ball a little more," Kyllönen said.