The 59-year-old was also a coach at the club for many years after his career.

"It's very sad. RIK is a team that I think the whole of Sweden thinks should be in the highest league. You have been fighting an uphill battle for several years really and it may be the result that is fair, that you simply leave but it hurts your soul, says Wislander who, among other things, has been named the best handball player of the 1900s to Radiosporten where he is also an expert.

Why did it go like this?

"You haven't played very good handball in recent years, but also problems with the economy and where to play. Of course, it will be more difficult to attract good players. It's quite natural that you end up in that event in the end, that you can't handle it anymore.

Now allsvenskan awaits and a bit away from the spotlight.

"I'm a little afraid that there will be a new Drott, but I hope that the association has a plan for playing in allsvenskan and what that means," Wislander thinks.

Drott went out of the top flight in 2016, just three years after the last Swedish Championship gold. They then went down two more series to division 2 but are now in allsvenskan.

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Redbergslid's players collapsed after they left. Photo: Bildbyrån