Moroccan Sofiane Kien, a player of the Belgian football team Odd Leuven, suffered a terrible car accident, after which he was taken to hospital, where he suffered fractures and bruises on his body.

The Belgian website HLN reported that the midfielder was driving at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, on Thursday evening, March 30, 2023.

He said Keane, 25, had lost control of the car on a road where driving could be driven at speeds not exceeding 90 kilometres per hour.

Road surveillance cameras documented the horrific incident, which occurred at 19:30 local time in Belgium, in the town of "Flemal".

According to the video, Kien's car crossed the side barrier of the road, flew into the air for a long distance, before breaking through a wall belonging to a gym.

La vidéo de l'effroyable accident de voiture de Sofiane #Kiyine (OH Leuven #Louvain)

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Keane was taken to the University Hospital of Liege conscious, but with several fractures, in stable condition, and fortunately for him no further injuries were recorded, while the mayor of the municipality of Filmal confirmed that "we were on the verge of a disaster."

For its part, the Spanish newspaper "Marca" highlighted the testimony of one of the people who was at the scene at the time of the incident, in which he said, "The car penetrated the wall of the building and crashed about 10 meters away."

Spectaculaire accident à Flémalle : la voiture décolle et défonce le hall omnisports !

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"Luckily there was no one at that time, and a little while before there were players training. We are talking here about a miracle. Already a real disaster has been averted. A tragedy that doesn't even happen in movies."

Od Löfven issued an official statement on the incident, saying: "We are aware of the serious incident involving Sofiane Keen from Liege, and chief executive Peter Williams would like to provide more information about the situation."

"Sofiane Keyen was taken to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, where he is conducting further tests, and fortunately there is no danger to his life, there are no injured people and no damaged vehicles," he said.

Update: Reactie CEO Peter Willems: "Als club zijn we geschokt bij het zien van de beelden. We wachten het onderzoek van de politie verder af. De club benadrukt erg opgelucht te zijn dat er niemand anders gewond raakte."

Volledige reactie van de club:

— OH Leuven (@OHLeuven) March 31, 2023

"We are very shocked to see the images, there is information that talks about excessive speed, but no one knows the truth and we do not yet know the exact circumstances of the accident."

"We are waiting for the results of the investigation, and we want to talk to Sofiane to find out exactly what happened to him, and then we will consider taking action."

"In fact, Sofiane is very lucky, we know that the accident could have ended worse, at the time of the accident there were children in the building and they finished their basketball training moments ago," he said.

"As a club we attach great importance to road safety, we expect players to use an appropriate driving style, but let's wait for the results of the investigation and not give prejudices," the statement said.

Sofiane Kien was discharged from the recovery room in stable condition.
Oh God you are the healer, there is no healing except your recovery, a healing that does not leave a sickness. #Kiyine #morocco

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