Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez says now is not the right time to talk about a possible reunion with Lionel Messi as Barcelona move closer to clinching the La Liga title.

While there is talk about the possibility of Messi's return, the Argentine star is living his most beautiful days in Paris Saint-Germain after winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for the first time in his history, and there are no indications of his return to Spain, but rather the exact opposite that he will continue in Paris.

After winning the Spanish Super Cup, the team's first title since Messi's departure in 2021, Barcelona are 12 points clear in La Liga and have won the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-finals with a clean goal against Real Madrid.

The possibility of three trophies remains for Xavi's side, but with Messi currently in recent months on his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, the clamor is growing to bring back the World Cup-winning Argentine to Camp Nou.

While Xavi is keen to bring back his former Barcelona team-mate, he is currently focused on upcoming matches, not potential transfer activity.

He told reporters ahead of the Elche clash: "I think it's not the time to talk about Messi's return. I talk a lot today, we have a friendship, but this is not the right time."

"I hope we can see him again, I'll be the first happy person. He's the best player in history, but this is not the time. We're one month away from winning two titles, and it's time to focus."

"It doesn't depend on me, it depends more on what Liu wants. He did everything in football, he won everything, it's about his happiness. We will listen to fate. Let's see what happens, there's nothing yet. Let's see his will."

Pressed more on Messi and next season, Xavi has once again sought to shift the focus to winning more trophies this season.

"We haven't spoken to the management about next season. We're a step away from winning titles, and tell me about next year's deals!"

"At times, I don't understand you (the media). All year long, the talk is winning titles, and now we're one step away, talking about the players next season. Let's focus on the Elche game."

The newspaper "Sport" Spanish talk Barcelona public about the return of Messi "bomb", and devoted him many reports.