The venue where the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League was held The new work body has the greatest chance of winning

After the renovation and reconstruction, the work body can accommodate 6,8 spectators

At a media briefing held on March 3, Guo Bingyan, head of competition work of the preparatory group of the Chinese Football Federation, revealed that the preparations for the new season of the Chinese Super League are still around April 29 as the opening time, and the venue of the opening ceremony and opening match of the new season of the Chinese Super League will also be announced soon. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned that among the several clubs participating in the bid, Beijing Guoan has a high probability of winning.

Four clubs are willing to host the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League

Prior to this, four clubs in Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua, Chengdu Rongcheng and Wuhan expressed their willingness to host the opening ceremony of the new season of the Chinese Super League to the organizers. The home stadiums of the four clubs have good venue hardware conditions and fan base. For example, Chengdu Rongcheng's home stadium Phoenix Mountain Professional Football Stadium and Beijing Workers Stadium have been used as alternative venues for the 4 Asian Cup, newly built or renovated, and their venue conditions are world-class. Shenhua's home stadium in the new season is Shanghai 4,2023 Stadium and Wuhan Sports Center, home of Wuhan Three Towns, have also hosted major international and domestic competitions. It can be said that the four clubs have their own advantages in terms of bidding.

The national security submission plan is the most satisfactory to the organizers

It is understood that the plan submitted by the Beijing Guoan Club is the most satisfactory to the event organizers. The organizers of the Chinese Super League initially plan to arrange the opening ceremony and opening match of the new season of the Chinese Super League in Guoan's home stadium - Xingongti. The renovated Beijing Workers Stadium can accommodate 6,8 spectators. In fact, before the 2020 season of the Chinese Super League adjusted its format to a centralized system due to objective factors, Gongti was one of the most popular venues in domestic professional football. In the new season, Guoan Club has comprehensively strengthened its strength by introducing a number of high-quality domestic and foreign aids, and the prospects of the team's new season are expected by fans, and the good home atmosphere will also help the team boost morale and inject vitality.

In 2010, the company hosted the opening ceremony of the league

Since the establishment of the Chinese Super League in 2004, stadiums in many cities, including Tianjin, Jinan, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Guiyang and Zhengzhou, have hosted the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League. On March 2010, 3, Beijing Gongti hosted the opening ceremony and opening match of the Chinese Super League in the season between Beijing Guoan FC and Nanchang Bayi FC. It was also Guoan's first game as the defending champion and it started the season.

According to Guo Bingyan, after the introduction of the access list, the event organizers will accelerate the schedule and other work. According to the information transmitted by the professional league competition supervision training course a few days ago, the new Chinese Super League season will start around April 4 and is expected to end in early November. During this period, the league will reserve the international break cycle and preparation time for the national team and the men's Asian Games team in June, September and October. The rounds of the Chinese Super League will be launched in the near future. Text/Reporter Xiao Zhao

Coordinator/Wang Yong Photo/Reporter Cui Jun

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The national security official announced that 8 new signings had joined, showing their determination to compete for the championship

On the evening of the 30th, Beijing Guoan Club officially announced that 8 new signings, including Li Lei, Yang Liyu, Feng Boxuan, Fang Hao, Han Jiaqi, De Sousa, Adami, and Ngardewu, officially joined the team, and they will appear at the training ground of the Gaoxin base at noon on April 4 to officially meet with the media and fans. As the first year of returning to work, Guoan's move in terms of signings was unexpected by many, indicating that the team hopes to make a difference in the new season. So, who are these 1 people, and what kind of help can they bring to national security?

The defensive line moves the most, and the left, center, and right are enhanced

Specifically, Guoan's recruitment covers three front, middle and back lines, of which the back line is the most active. Among them, the main goalkeeper of the men's Asian Games team, Han Jiaqi, who moved from Guangzhou City is the most surprising, the 24-year-old goalkeeper has performed well in recent years in both the club and the national team, becoming the best among players of his age. Guoan brought in this young Beijing player to plan for the future goalkeeper position.

Li Lei's return will greatly improve the ability of the left-back position, after all, the performance of Jiang Xiangyou, Liu Huan and young player Nabijiang last season was unsatisfactory. With Memishevic, Yu Yang and Jin Pengxiang leaving, Yang Fan returning on loan but not staying in the team, the introduction of a strong central defender is an important goal for Guoan, and Cameroonian player Ngardeu from Belgian First Division team Ghent is the right candidate, and he will form Guoan's central defender partner with Yu Dabao, Bai Yang, Zhang Chengdong and young Nguyen Qilong and Liang Shaowen in the new season.

In the right-back position, although Wang Gang successfully renewed his contract and the veteran's condition is still good, he is 34 years old after all, and his physical fitness will be more or less affected, so finding a suitable replacement for him and planning for the future is a must be done, so Guoan introduced Feng Boxuan, who previously played steadily in the Henan Songshan Longmen, the 1997-born wide all-rounder and Wang Gang formed a "double insurance" of right-back.

Two heavyweight foreign signings joined to change the stubborn problem of soft midfield

In midfield, the addition of two heavyweight foreign signings, Ademi and De Sousa, will hopefully change the stubborn weakness of Guoan's midfield in the past few seasons, while these two midfielders with outstanding abilities will play their part in tandem attack, after all, they have shown this ability in Europe. As for the specific division of labor between the two, it depends on the situation of the game, from the current situation, De Sousa may take on more defensive tasks, and Ademi's energy will be more focused on organizing and combing the attack.

The offensive reinforcement is less intense, and the newcomer has tactical significance

In contrast, Guoan's winter window is relatively small, after all, there are strikers of Zhang Yuning's level, and it is somewhat wasteful to buy new signings with similar characteristics to him, and there are players like Wang Ziming and Cao Yongjing on the bench, who are still waiting for opportunities. However, the addition of two newcomers Yang Liyu and Fang Hao is also very tactical, especially the former, who has already proven in Guangzhou that he can play multiple positions on the wing and in the middle, and will shoulder the heavy responsibility of destroying the team if Zhang Yuning may be absent due to injury at the beginning of the season.

As for signing young forward Fang Hao, Guoan is more committed to the future, looking forward to this young man who has staged the "big four" in the national brand competition and can get the opportunity to play in Guoan as soon as possible.

Bringing in eight domestic and foreign players in one go, which is rare for Guoan in the past few seasons, and will increase if you count Li Ke, who did not play last season due to injury. This shows that Guoan attaches great importance to the new season, the overall performance of Guoan in the past 8 years of conference competitions is not satisfactory, except for a few players, the state of most players is difficult to compare with the 3 or 2018 season, so Guoan hopes to motivate the whole team by introducing some new signings to keep everyone competitive enough. (Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Kunlong)