Yesterday's three-goal scorer Tilda Ström had to settle for a goal tonight. She elegantly angled in Mathilda Ekholm's volley effort to make it 2-0. There were only two Swedish players in the penalty area against five Finnish but it was enough.

"It was a good game but we got a bit sloppy, a good effort. We are growing into it and it is towards the weekend that we will be at our best," says Sanna Gustafsson.

Will probably go to the final tomorrow

Tomorrow, two games against the U.S. and Finland await again, where Sweden can make it straight to Sunday's final.

"We go home and reload. I think the game against the U.S. could be something similar to yesterday, they fought back and it's not just putting the skates on display," Gustafsson said.

Finland and the U.S. have already met twice and both games have finished 1-1. One of these teams is likely to face Sweden in Sunday's final.

Defensive will take Finland to the final

"The Swedes are tough, but we do our best. Defensively is our way of moving forward and keeping together as well as possible," says Finland's Emma Janhunen, who plays in Västerås on a daily basis.

So tomorrow it's time for Sweden again for Finland and keeping the numbers down could be a way to get to the final. In addition, it is a lighter program for Finland tomorrow, the matches are played 2x30 minutes.

"We're starting from scratch and we only have one game tomorrow. We have to try to keep it tight and push them out so they can go around and not get in the middle. It was a little tough after the U.S. this morning," Janhunen said.