Luleå's Isac Brännström, Linköping's CEO Niclas Björkman, several within Brynäs and most recently Örebro's Mathias Bromé. All of them have been subjected to hate and threats during the season.

Jenny Silfverstrand, CEO of SHL, says that this time of year is usually at its worst from that point of view.

"If we look back at what it looks like in general, we know that there will be a slight increase in connection with the playoffs because there is so much at stake. It's a lot of emotion and we have teams that aren't going to play in the SHL next season," she says.

"We have not seen that it has increased over time, but it is very constant. But it's always serious when it happens.

How do you meet the new landscape that is with social media and that it is easy to reach the players?

"It's the individual's responsibility how to take part in it. But the biggest problem is that you express yourself in the way you actually do. The more you are on social media, the more you can take part in it. The temperature and how you express yourself quite often cross the line on social media, says Silfverstrand.

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