Senbatsu High School Baseball will play two semifinal games on 31 September. Here is a summary of the highlights of the match and the characteristics of the four schools.

1st Match Yamanashi Gakuin× Koryo (Hiroshima)

Yamanashi Gakuin will advance to the final four for the first time throughout the spring and summer, and if they win, they will become the first Yamanashi prefectural team to advance to the final throughout the spring and summer. Ace pitcher Kengo Hayashi has started all four games so far, throwing complete games in two of them, and has been the mainstay of the team who has thrown almost alone, giving up only two foreballs and two dead balls. The batting line is also good, with 4 hits and 4 runs scored in the quarterfinals.

Gwangryo has scored 2 goals in the three matches so far and reached the semi-finals for the first time in 1 years. Kei Manabe, a notable slugger, had three hits in the first match and three hits, including two long balls, in the quarterfinals, and is the center of the batting lineup.

Yamanashi Gakuin's ace, Hayashi pitcher, and Koryo's powerful batting lineup showdown. It will be interesting to see which one outperforms.

Data Both schools have batting averages over 3% and average runs conceded in the 1 range

【Yamanashi Gakuin】
1st Round 3-1 Tohoku
2nd Round 4-1 Himi 3rd Round 7-1 Hikari
Quarterfinals 12-3 Sakushin Gakuin

Runs scored (average per game) 1.6
team batting average .
home runs 319 sacrifice hits,
sacrifice fly 0
Stolen Bases 13 Goals
conceded (average per game) 6.1 conceded 1【Koryo】
5nd Round 3-2
Nishogakusha Daisuke
5rd Round 0-3

Quarterfinals 3-2 Sendai Matsudo

Runs scored (average per game) 9.2Team
batting average .1
Home runs 5 sacrifice hits,
sacrifice flies 7
stolen bases
343 runs scored (average per game) 0.6
errors 6

2nd Match Osaka Toin × Hotoku Gakuen (Hyogo)

Osaka Toin, who are aiming to win the championship last year, pitched a complete game with ace pitcher Yugo Maeda striking out 14 in the first game and 11 strikeouts in the quarterfinals. In three matches, the team has conceded only two goals. In the quarterfinals, the team returned to the team's starting points such as returning to the center and sprinting, and recovered by scoring six runs.

Hotoku Gakuen is a semi-finalist for the second time they participated in 3. In the quarterfinals against Sendai Ikuei High School, the champion school last summer, they won the third round and then a 2-inning tie-break to win a close match. The batting lineup is centered on captain Hori Hiirina, who hits No. 3, and has recorded double-digit hits in all three games so far, and there is a connection.

Osaka Toin and Hotoku Gakuen met in the final of the autumn tournament last year, and Osaka Toin won 6-2017, so it will be interesting to see if it will be a close match again.

Data Osaka Toin with an average goal conceded or Hotoku Gakuen with an average goal of 0.7?

【Osaka Toin】
2nd Round 3-1 Tsuruga Kehi
3rd Round 1-0 Noshiro Matsuyo
Quarterfinals 6-1 Tokai Daisugo

Runs scored (average per game) 1.3
Team batting average .3
home runs, 232
sacrifice hit, sacrifice fly, 1
stolen bases 7
goals conceded (average per game) 3.1
conceded 0

【Hotoku Gakuen】
7nd Round 3-2 Kendai Takasaki
7rd Round 2-3 Toho (5 extra innings) Quarterfinals 4-10 Sendai Ikuei (5 extra innings)

Runs scored (average per game) 4.10Team
batting average .1
home runs 5 sacrifice runs and
sacrifice fly 7
stolen bases
336 runs conceded (average per game) 2.8
Errors 6