Saga Emtell made the difference with his three goals, the first three of the match providing a genuine hat-trick.

"I have to thank my teammates," Emtell says humbly in the first period break of Expressen's live broadcast when she has scored two goals.

She made it 1-0 for the Västerås team midway through the first period when she stormed forward and whipped the ball in from distance.

National team debut in February

Her second goal came from clearly closer distance, standing free at the right side of the goal. The 20-year-old Emtell made his national team debut in February, scoring six goals in four World Cup qualifying matches.

Saga Emtell also made it 3-0 going into the second. He ran deep and caught a pass, pulling neatly past Endres goalkeeper Frida Görtz who didn't keep up.

Emtell was on the pitch at all five of Rönnby's goals – the last two by chain mate Ellen Hansson.
The season over on Gotland and for Endre – Rönnby is ready for the semi-finals.