Beijing, March 3 (ZXS) -- On the evening of the 30th Beijing time, the 29-2022 CBA League ended the 2023th round of the regular season, and Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Lease Team (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Team) topped the list with 39 wins, 34 losses, and 5 points, winning the regular season championship three rounds early, which was also the first time the team topped the regular season.

According to the rules, the CBA regular season is ranked by points, with 1 points for 2 win and 1 point for 1 game. This season's CBA regular season has a total of 42 rounds, and as of 39 rounds, CBA "11th champion" Guangdong and defending champion Liaoning have accumulated 69 points, Guangdong is temporarily second with one win (31-8), and Shenzhen (65-26) is fourth with 13 points. These four teams also secured spots in the Final Four of the regular season this season.

In addition to the above 4 teams, Shanghai, Beijing Shougang, Zhejiang East Sunshine, Shandong, Shanxi, Jilin and Guangzhou 5, which are temporarily ranked 11-7, have all obtained playoff tickets in advance, and the final playoff spot will be selected from the 12th-15th ranked Suzhou Kendia, Qingdao, Nanjing Tongxi and Beijing Holdings 4 teams.

Beijing Holdings, which has 53 points and is in 15th place, has a 12-point difference between Suzhou Kendia, who is temporarily ranked 3th, and even if they win all the last three rounds, it depends on the "face" of other teams, and there is only a "theoretical possibility" left to advance to the playoffs. Therefore, the last place in the playoffs will be mainly the battle between Suzhou Kendia, Qingdao and Nanjing Tongxi.

At present, Suzhou Kendia has 56 points, Qingdao and Nanjing Tongxi have 55 points, and a win or loss in a game can change the rankings. For these three teams, the last three rounds were a life-and-death battle.

Sichuan, Fujian, Xinjiang, Tianjin and Ningbo, ranked 16th-20th, have completely missed the playoffs. Among them, the "fall" of the Xinjiang team is regrettable.

Dissatisfied with the decision of the Discipline and Ethics Committee of the Chinese Basketball Association to identify and punish its "registration violations", Xinjiang Guanghui Basketball Club once announced its withdrawal. Because Xinjiang missed seven games and lost no points, the CBA giant, the 7-2016 champion, unfortunately ranked in the bottom three this season.

The 2022-2023 CBA playoffs kick off on April 4, with the first two rounds (9-12, 8-8) featuring a best-of-4 system. The semifinals will begin on April 3 with a best-of-five format; The finals will be played in early May in a best-of-2 format, with the overall winner being selected by May 4 at the latest. (End)