China News Network, March 3 -- The Olympic gold medal belonging to Sister Cheyang Shi has finally arrived.

Screenshot of the IOC's official website

On the evening of the 30th, Beijing time, the International Olympic Committee website announced that the original gold medalist in the women's 2012km race walk at the 20 London Olympics was canceled due to doping violations, and China's Sister Cheyang Shijie won the gold medal. At the same time, Liu Hong and Lu Xiuzhi won the second and third places, and the Chinese athletes swept the top three places in the women's 20km race walk at the London Olympics.

Born in 1990, Cheyang Shijie has competed in the Olympic Games three times. For more than a decade, she has been one of the representative figures of women's race walking in China. In 2019, Cheyangshi ranked first in the world in the women's 20km race walk points by the IAAF, and in September of the same year, she finished second in the women's 9km race walk at the World Championships in Doha.

Data map: Sister Cheyang Shi in the competition Image source: ICphoto

In March last year, the Athletics Integrity Committee, an independent investigative body of the World Athletics Federation, announced that Yelena Rashmanova, the women's 3km race walking champion at the 2012 London Olympics, had been cancelled due to doping problems. This means that China's Cheyang Shijie, Liu Hong and Lu Xiuzhi are expected to take the top three places.

After learning the news, Sister Cheyang Shi said frankly that she was both happy and sad to usher in the Olympic gold medal in this way.

"I'm happy that I can be the champion in my heart, happy that I can have an Olympic gold medal, although a lot of things have passed and I won't have it, but I have medals to prove myself."

"The sad thing is that I didn't feel the appearance of a champion, I didn't get the aura of an Olympic champion, although the aura is temporary, but the aura of that moment I want to have, and I don't get the self-worth that I may be able to get."

Data map: Sister Cheyang Shi Courtesy of Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau

"But the past has passed, and we are still working hard to get it." At that time, Sister Cheyang Shi said that starting tomorrow is still "a new beginning, a zero starting point".

For more than a decade, this veteran has never stopped chasing his dreams. Now, after years of hard work on the track and field, she has finally waited for this belated Olympic gold medal. (End)