Chengdu, 3 March -- Question: The "head of the Universiade" inspected the Universiade Village in Chengdu: "Everything is ready"

Reporter He Shaoqing

"Everything is ready in the Universiade Village, and now we are only waiting for us to meet here in July." On March 7, after visiting the Universiade Village of the 3st Summer Universiade (Chengdu Universiade), KOCH, deputy head of the Dutch delegation, said that the Dutch delegation will have hundreds of athletes participating in the Chengdu Universiade, hoping that they will leave a good memory in China.

From March 3th to March 28st, the Spring Meeting of Heads of Delegation of the Chengdu Universiade (referred to as the "Spring Group Meeting of the Chengdu Universiade") was held in Chengdu. During the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade, the participating delegations will conduct field visits to 3 competition venues and Universiade Villages to fully understand the supporting facilities and venue conditions of each venue. Among them, Chengdu Universiade Village is located in Chengdu University, covering an area of about 31,27 square meters, divided into multiple functional areas such as operation area, international area, residential area, traffic area and auxiliary area.

The participating delegations visited the accommodation of the athletes. Photo by Zhang Lang

The accommodation environment directly affects the rest experience of the participating athletes and is closely related to the athletes' participation status. The reporter saw in the athletes' room in Universiade Village that the wardrobe, sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, refrigerator, air conditioning and other facilities in the room are all available, and each athlete's room also has an independent toilet and washstand.

After carefully checking the toiletries in the room, Luciano Caboo, the tall acting first vice president of the International Sports Federation, lay on the athlete's bed, helping the athlete test whether the bed could meet the needs. "I was happy with the quality of the bed, it was super comfortable!"

Chengdu Universiade Village Athlete Restaurant is divided into halal, European, on-site stalls, dessert baking and other areas. "I feel that the organizing committee and Chengdu have everything ready, so that athletes from all over the world can enjoy a wonderful time in Chengdu during the event." After taking several photos of the athletes' restaurant, Wong Yiu Tong, deputy head of the Singapore delegation, sighed.

The delegation visited Chengdu Universiade Village. Photo by Zhang Lang

"These two days of inspection made me feel first-hand how Chengdu did its best to prepare for the Universiade." SONG Jiyoo, an executive official of the South Korean delegation, said that Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas, and Chengdu is the world's gastronomic capital, and I believe that this summer, athletes from all over the world will harvest friendship, enjoy sports and taste food in beautiful Chengdu.

It is reported that the Q&A session of the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade also adopts the method of "offline + online", with the delegation asking questions and the relevant work departments of the Executive Committee answering. In addition, the three major ball sports consisting of water polo, basketball and volleyball will be drawn during the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade. (End)