When head coach Janne Andersson was asked about Jesper Karlsson's playing time in the Viaplay studio, it broke down.

Expert Bojan Djordjic and Andersson got into an intense discussion and it all ended with the head coach leaving the studio.

Half an hour after midnight, the Swedish Football Association's national team manager Jens T Andersson came forward to answer the media's questions.

–I have seen the interview on a small mobile phone after the game and can state that it was not the best interview we have lived through after an international match, says Jens T Andersson according to TT and continues:

"There's a lot of emotion in the air and a lot of thoughts flying through. But I have no problem with noting that it was not a good interview.

Have you talked to the head coach?

- Yes, I have. Remorseful, he can also state that there was no good result in the interview. He raised his hand and was remorseful," says Jens T Andersson.