Sweden won 5-0 against Azerbadjjan in the European Championship qualifiers and after the match, head coach Janne Andersson was asked about Jesper Karlsson's poor playing time by Viaplay expert Bojan Djordjic.

Then it broke for Andersson and there was a heated atmosphere in the studio when the two argued.

The head coach then left the studio and afterwards he has been criticized for his actions, including by SVT expert Daniel Nannskog.

"If you're the head coach, you can't end up in a situation where you attack experts or presenters. He must be bigger than that.

Nannskog believes that there was a basic irritation with Janne even before he stepped into the studio, after a long period of poor results and questioning from the media.

" Then there is a basic irritation from Janne before. Then it's up to him to calm down before he steps into the studio. And be prepared for anything and handle it in a better way than he did. I think Janne should go out and apologize for how he behaved. And then make sure he doesn't end up in this position again.