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Until this Tuesday, in MotoGP there was a rule: in case of sanction, this had to be fulfilled in the next race. Previously it had already happened that the punished pilot missed that test due to injury and the penalty remained in limbo, disappeared, vanished, but it was never considered a change. Until this Tuesday. After the controversy surrounding the action of Marc Márquez in the last Grand Prix of Portugal, those who regulate the World Championship decided to change the regulations to sanction the Spaniard yes or yes. Faced with the possibility that he will miss the next race in Argentina due to his fracture in his right hand, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) issued a statement to adapt to the situation.

"[The sentence] will be served by the driver in the next race in which he can participate," clarified the stewards of the agency, Freddie Spencer, Andrés Somolinos and Tamara Matko, in a clear rectification of the previous note in which it was specified that the chosen punishment, a double passage through the 'long lap' zone, should be fulfilled "in the race of the Grand Prix of Argentina".

Marquez's team, the Repsol Honda, has not clarified whether it will appeal the change of criteria that harms the Spaniard. If he really misses the race in Argentina and returns for the next one, in Austin, United States, he will be weighed down by one of his favorite circuits, perhaps the most. After the abandonment in Portugal because of his onslaught on Miguel Oliveira, the presumable absence in the next test and the problems in Austin could remove him from the fight for the World Cup prematurely, as this season more points are distributed every weekend.

At the moment Márquez is recovering from what happened and his last operation. As reported by the World Cup, last Sunday "de return to Spain for complementary tests, Marc Márquez was diagnosed with an intra-articular fracture displaced from the base of the first metacarpal of the big toe of the right hand". So he had to go through the operating room to reduce the fracture and to fix the area with the help of two screws. With his track record, the most likely thing is that the pilot will not risk suffering complications in a postoperative period, but officially it is not low yet for Argentina.

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