Senbatsu High School Baseball will play four quarterfinal games on 29 September.

Game 1

The first match will be between Tochigi Sakushin Gakuin and Yamanashi Gakuin.

Sakushin Gakuin has been active in batting, recording double-digit hits in each of the two matches so far, and has dominated the scoring battle to win the match.

They will aim to reach the final four for the first time in 1 years since 2, when Takashi Egawa, who was called a "monster," struck out a tournament-record 60 strikeouts.

Yamanashi Gakuin advanced to the final eight for the first time throughout the spring and summer.

Ace pitcher Kengo Hayashi pitched two complete games in a row, and almost singled out three games, giving up one run in each of them.

Game 2

The second match will be between Sendai Matsudo High School in Chiba and Koryo High School in Hiroshima.

Sendai Matsudo has advanced to the last eight for the first time throughout the spring and summer.

Ace pitcher Daichi Hirano has thrown more than 2 pitches in the past two games.

Second-year ace Hibiki Takao threw 8 pitches in nine innings in the third round on the 2th, leading the team to the final eight for the first time in 1 years.

If the aces of both teams pitch, it will be on the mound in one day, so how much they have recovered will be the key.

Game 3

The third match will be between Osaka Toin High School, who are aiming to win their second consecutive tournament title for the first time in history, and Tokai University Sugo High School in Tokyo.

Osaka Toin pitched a complete game with ace Yugo Maeda striking out 3 in the first game, and in the third round on the 2th, fellow third-year pitcher Tsunesei Minami held the team scoreless until the middle of the eighth inning.

Tokai Daisugo shutout Okinawa Shogaku High School's powerful batting line with a straight and sharply falling forkball thrown down from a height of 14 meter and 28 centimeters in the third round on the 3th.

If they finish in the top four, it will be their first time in Senbatsu and will match the team's best result at Koshien in the summer of 3.

It will be a match where one goal is important.

Game 4

Game 4 will feature Hyogo's Hotoku Gakuen and Miyagi's Sendai Ikuei High School, which won the Tohoku national high school baseball championship last summer.

Hotoku Gakuen has the momentum to win the bye in the third round on the 28th in a 3-inning tie-break.

The batting lineup is centered on captain Hori Hiirina, who hits No. 10, and has recorded double-digit hits in each of the previous two games, and there is a connection.

We will aim for the final four following the last time we participated in 3.

In the two games so far, Sendai Ikuei has pitched well, including pitchers Takahashi Yoshiki and Yuda Toma, who contributed greatly to the Koshien championship last summer, and both have been held to one run.

If they advance to the final four, it will be the first time in 2 years since 2017, when Senbatsu became the first Tohoku team to reach the final.