Commemorative merchandise to be distributed by the Major League Baseball and Angels to spectators who visited the stadium this season was unveiled, and a swinging doll of Shohei Ohtani was prepared this year.

On the 27th, the Angels unveiled the team's original merchandise for sale this season at Angel Stadium.

Last year, a limited edition of 24 dolls with a height of about 90 centimeters became a hot topic, and this year it will be Trout, and Otani's swinging doll, which is designed to be throwing and hitting, and has a rotating pedestal, will be sold for $ 1000 in a limited edition of 120,<> pieces.

Commemorative goods were distributed to spectators who visited the stadium on specific days, and Ohtani prepared swinging dolls, tote bags, T-shirts, etc.

In commemoration of his 6 strikeouts in June last year, Ohtani stands with 13 balls stacked on his hands.

All of Ohtani's commemorative merchandise will be distributed in April, and Trout's merchandise will be distributed on a day scheduled after the summer trade deadline, with his contract remaining until 4.

Ohtani is scheduled to expire with the Angels at the end of this season and become an FA = free agent, but if the Angels slump from the beginning to the bottom like last season, Ohtani may be traded before the trade deadline, and this situation may be reflected in the schedule of the merchandise distribution.

2 hits in the opener against the Dodgers

Ohtani started the opening game against the Dodgers at Angel Stadium on the 27th as the No. 3 designated hitter.

The first at-bat of the first inning came right after Trout hit a home run and was hit by a fly to center by Dodgers starting pitcher Syndergaard, who was his teammate last year.

In his second at-bat of the third inning, he delivered the curve of the first pitch to Wright, marking his fourth consecutive hit in the opening game across the WBC, and then homered in a timely manner.

In the third at-bat of the fifth inning, which was his third meeting with Syndergaard, a hit jammed in the inside corner fell in front of the left field and resulted in a hit, where he was sent on as a substitute and replaced, going 1-for-3 in this game.

Ohtani will also play in the final opener on the 2th as a batter, and will play the opening game on the 4th with a double-wielding pitch.