Chengdu, March 3 (Reporter He Shaoqing) The four-day Spring Meeting of the Heads of Delegation of the 28st Summer Universiade (referred to as the "Spring Group Meeting of the Chengdu Universiade") opened in Chengdu on the 4th. A total of 31 delegations participated in the meeting, of which 28 delegations participated in person and 79 delegations participated online.

It is understood that the Chengdu Universiade will be held from July 2023 to August 7, 28. This is the third time that the Universiade has been held in Chinese mainland after the 8 Beijing Universiade and the 8 Shenzhen Universiade, and it is also the first time that Western China has hosted a world comprehensive games.

The participating delegations inspected the competition venues. Photo by Zhang Lang

According to the practice and requirements of the International Sports Federation, before the opening of the Universiade, the Executive Committee needs to organize a spring meeting of heads of delegation, communicate with the International Sports Federation face-to-face information on the preparation of the event, inform delegations of the preparations for the Universiade, announce policies and procedures, and answer delegations' questions.

Seven members of the Standing Committee including Acting President of the FIDI Renault Eide and 7 FIDI officials including Secretary General Eric Senchao participated in the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade, which was the highest standard for the Spring Meeting of the heads of delegations participating in the Chengdu Universiade.

The participating delegations inspected the competition venues. Photo by Zhang Lang

Renault Eide affirmed the preparations for the Chengdu Universiade during the meeting. He said that large-scale sports events involve many fields, and the head of delegation needs to know hundreds of details to better prepare.

During the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade, the participating delegations will conduct field visits to 27 competition venues and Universiade Villages to fully understand the supporting facilities and venue conditions of each venue.

"In the last Universiade, the South African delegation achieved very good results, and we have been looking forward to the Chengdu Universiade for too long!" DONDASHE Dumisani, leader of the South African delegation to the Chengdu Universiade, said that the size of the South African delegation at the Chengdu Universiade will exceed 200 people, and everyone is full of confidence in the swimming event, so the swimming competition venue will be the focus of his inspection.

Full of expectations for the "covenant of youth" of the Chengdu Universiade, there is also Jukka TIRRI, head of the Finnish delegation to the Chengdu Universiade. Finnish athletes will compete in basketball, athletics, swimming and gymnastics this year, he said. During the "Spring Tour" of the Chengdu Universiade, in addition to inspecting the competition venues, he also plans to visit Chengdu scenic spots, taste authentic Sichuan cuisine, and experience the customs and customs of southwest China.

Opening scene of the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade. Photo courtesy of the Executive Committee of the Chengdu Universiade

"The registration channel for the Chengdu Universiade is not closed yet, and we look forward to more Swedish university athletes joining us, it will be a fantastic experience for them." STAIBORN, HEAD OF THE SWEDISH DELEGATION TO THE CHENGDU UNIVERSIADE, SAID THAT FOR MOST COLLEGE ATHLETES, THE UNIVERSIADE IS A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE, AND HOPES THAT EVERY ATHLETE CAN REALIZE THEIR DREAMS AND BREAK THROUGH THEMSELVES.

The Q&A session of the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade also adopts the "offline + online" method, in which the delegation asks questions and the relevant work departments of the Executive Committee answer them. In addition, the three major ball sports consisting of water polo, basketball and volleyball will be drawn during the "Spring League" of the Chengdu Universiade. (End)