The sumo yokozuna deliberation committee was held, and the fact that three wrestlers, including Sekiwaki Kirimayama, who won their first championship and will be promoted to ōzeki in the next place, won double-digit victories one after another, and the new chairman of the committee, Masayuki Yamauchi, said, "It is a positive sign that sumo wrestlers who can handle ōzeki have been born."

The Yokozuna Deliberation Committee met at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo, on the evening of May 27, and Chairman Yamauchi, newly appointed Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, held a press conference.

In Haruto, in the absence of yokozuna and ōzeki for the first time since the Showa era, four three-role wrestlers won double-digit victories, including Kirimayama, who won the championship for the first time and was promoted to ōzeki, and Daieisho Koyui, who joined the championship fight.

Chairman Yamauchi said, "Even if we talk about creating yokozuna, it is important to create an ōzeki, and it is a bright spot that sumo wrestlers who will work on ōzeki in the coming place and the next place have been born as a foreshadowing."

He added, "I don't think there will be an opportunity for a yokozuna to be born at an early date, and I will serve as chairman for two years, and I am confident that a yokozuna will be born during that time."

On the other hand, Takakatsu Ozeki, who was sidelined due to a left knee injury at the place where he was aiming for the rope, said, "It was really unfortunate, and everyone is waiting for the birth of the yokozuna."

In addition, regarding Yokozuna Terunofuji, who has been absent for four consecutive places due to injuries to both knees, expressing his hope for an early return, saying, "It is encouraging news that I am now able to participate in the tour and practice, and at the meeting, there were voices asking me to overcome my injury and return to the main venue."

Japan Sumo Association reports loss for third consecutive year

In addition, on the 27th, a board of trustees meeting was held at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo, and the Japan Sumo Association reported its financial results for the past year, resulting in a loss of more than 1.32 billion yen.

This is the third consecutive year that we have been in the red.

Ordinary revenue was ¥3.101 billion, up more than ¥25.40 billion from the previous year.

Admission revenue, which is the main revenue, was 9000.2019 billion yen, which is about 65% of the 132 before the spread of the new coronavirus.

On the other hand, ordinary expenses were 24.12 billion yen, an increase of approximately 3.<> billion yen from the previous year.

The cost of repairing the Kokugikan was recorded at more than <>.<> billion yen, which had a major impact.

According to the association, although it has been in the red for three consecutive years, it is expected to be profitable this year because admission revenues are expected to recover further.