Xining, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau and Qinghai Provincial Sports Work Team reported on 27 March that three Qinghai race walking athletes, including China's Tibetan race walking star and Olympic champion Cheyang Shijie, were qualified for the Budapest World Championships.

It is reported that the 3 National Race Walking Grand Prix (first stop) and World Championships and Asian Games Trials held in March this year were completed in Anhui Province. Qinghai race walking star Cheyang Shijie won the second place in the women's 2023km race walk in 1 hours, 2023 minutes and 2 seconds, Li Maocuo won the third place in the women's 41 km race walk in 59 hours 35 minutes 2 seconds, and Tashi Yangben won the third place in the men's 42 km race walk in 39 hours 35 minutes and 2 seconds.

According to the selection method announced by the Chinese Athletic Association, the selection of the 35km race walking event was based on the comprehensive results of the 2023 National Race Walking Grand Prix (1st stop) World Championships and Asian Games Trials and the Slovak Dudinsi Race Walk, and Cheyang Shijie, Li Maocuo and Tashi Yangben successfully qualified for the Budapest World Championships with excellent results.

It is reported that in Budapest in August this year, three Tibetan athletes from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau will join hands on the stage. At the same time, with reference to the selection method of the Hangzhou Asian Games announced by the Chinese Athletic Association, the top two Chinese athletes in each category of the Budapest World Championships will qualify for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

After learning that she was successfully selected for the Budapest World Championships, Sister Cheyang Shi said: "The task has really begun, and in less than 5 months of preparation, we will do our best to train every class, take every step well, fight with the goal of winning, and strive for more excellent results." ”

The person in charge of the sports work team in Qinghai Province said that participating in international competitions and continental competitions is the lifelong pursuit of countless professional athletes. Prior to this, Cheyang Shijie won the 20km race walk championship at the London Olympics, Li Maocuo won the silver medal in the 2019km race walk at the 50 World Championships, and Tashi Yangben won the team silver medal in the 2022km team at the 35 World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships.

According to the reporter of China News Network, Qinghai Competitive Sports has successfully achieved the advanced development of endurance projects based on the advantages of the plateau location, and at the same time driven a number of potential advantage projects to rise against the trend. In recent years, Qinghai has not only emerged Olympic champion Cheyang Shijie, but also athletes Li Maocuo, Tashi Yangben, World Championships and World Cup "double" champion Ji Xiaojing, National Games champion Renqing Dongzhibu and a number of outstanding athletes. (End)