Alexandre Dalifard 20:00 pm, March 27, 2023

The 46th edition of the Paris Marathon will take place on Sunday in the French capital. Despite the protests against the pension reform, the race is officially maintained according to the organizers. For the occasion, Anouk Garnier, sports columnist in "Bienfait pour vous", gives some tips to prepare such an event.

Is preparing for a marathon accessible to everyone? On Sunday, nearly 45,000 people will be on the starting line of the Paris Marathon. Despite rumors on social networks of a possible cancellation related to the demonstration against the pension reform, the 46th edition will take place in the capital on April 2. But concretely, is everyone able to run a 42-kilometer race? What needs to be done to prepare? Invited on the show Bienfait pour vous, sports columnist Anouk Garnier gives some advice to put yourself in the best conditions.

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Progressive preparation

For this, the coach first interviewed Yohan Durand, best Frenchman on the Paris marathon in 2021 with a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes, who thinks that everyone can run such a race. "If you prepare well, if you have a plan, if you are motivated, if you are progressive in your preparation, if you do things right, for me, everyone can participate and run a marathon. Subject of course to respecting his instructions, the distance and preparing for at least three, four, five or six months to be able to run the event, "says the runner of the marathon France team.

Regularly, some problems related to such a race are pointed out, especially at the level of the joints. A question therefore arises: is running a marathon bad for your health? "You don't have to go back to it like that overnight. Tendons, ligaments and muscles must be given time to strengthen to protect the body. But it is much more dangerous for the joints to sit on the sofa, you have to know it, "says Anouk Garnier at the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez.

Pay attention to the training plan

On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to training plans. Available everywhere, online or in magazines, these programs are intended for people who are already running, who are already used to running. "So you have to leave maybe two months of adaptation to running. For the beginning, you have to start by doing five minutes of running, then a minute of walking. It is very important to intersperse walking with running. This exercise is to be repeated twice for the first session. After, the more you do, the more you add blocks of five minutes, "says the sports columnist.

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"Keep in mind that the marathon is an adventure"

But what is the contribution of a long race? It brings a real change in lifestyle but also a real motivation to have a concrete goal. "It's an extraordinary adventure. There will be difficult times and others when everything will be fine. But we must keep in line that the marathon is an adventure. And whatever happens, it's you against yourself, you against the distance and a pride to have crossed the finish line," admits Yohan Durand.

And for this, it is possible to start in the capital next Saturday during the race called Paris Run for All. It is a solidarity race of four kilometers for the association Lames de Joie. It manufactures carbon blades for amputee children to allow them to resume running or a sporting activity. For information, it is even possible to do it by walking. A good exercise to start, and more solidarity.