Jean-François Pérès 09h22, March 27, 2023

Football and the Blues of Kylian Mbappé are already back on the field, three days after their superb victory against the Netherlands (4-0). For the second day of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, the French are in Dublin to face Ireland. Irish footballers hope to emulate their rugby colleagues, winners of the French in the Six Nations Tournament.

There has been a form of sweet euphoria in Dublin since the Grand Slam of the Clover players during the Six Nations Tournament. So much so that the modest Irish football team, only 48th in the world rankings, is dreaming. "At the moment the Irish rugby team is No. 1 in the world, so it gives a lot of confidence even if in football we are not as strong. The France team is obviously a great team, but we are here and anything is possible," said Danny, an Irish fan he met in the bowels of Dublin Stadium.

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On paper, this team is not a scarecrow, it was not even at the World Cup in Qatar. The majority of his players play in the 2nd or 3rd English division, but for the past two years his style of play has evolved, more ambitious, like striker Evan Ferguson, an 18-year-old diamond in the rough. And this has certainly not escaped the captain Kylian Mbappe.

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"This team is very rough"

"By reputation, we believe this team is very rough, but they play good football. We will have to be very careful, be aggressive, I hope we will emerge victorious from this battle, "said the captain of the France team in a press conference. They will be 50,000 tonight in an Aviva Stadium that is announced boiling and among them, there will be 3,000 French. One of the most important trips of supporters in the history of the Blues.