The rivalry meeting offered a whole bunch of duels. Färjestad's Victor Ejdsell believes it was important to play physically on Monday night.

"Obviously that was a key in today's gameplan," Ejdsell told C More after the first period.

The away team also received dividends against Frölunda. Henrik Björklund made it 1–0, before Daniel Viksten tunnelled Lasse Johansson and sent in 2–0.

Frölunda's Linus Nässén, however, scored an important reduction goal in the second period, and the home side then began an equaliser chase.

The majority of the 12,044 who were in attendance in Scandinavium also had to cheer in the third period, when Jere Innala pushed in 2–2.

But despite that, Färjestad had the last word. Mattias Göransson scored 3–2 and Victor Ejdsell sent in 4–2 in the open box. Thus, a final and decisive quarter-final between the teams awaits in Karlstad on Wednesday.