Two points separated Maja Dahlqvist and Nadine Fähndrich ahead of the penultimate World Cup sprint in Tallinn on Tuesday. But a costly miss meant that the Swede missed the final – and is now 22 points behind the Swiss.

"Still when I think about it"

- It wasn't very well done by me. I still get when I think about it. I'm fitter than it gets, I'm not smart and it's disturbing when it's so tight for the points, I need everything I can get – so I mess it up," Dahlqvist said ahead of today's sprint, the last before the winner of the overall sprint cup is to be crowned.

You talked afterwards about it being tactically poorly done by you. What was it that you were thinking about then above all?

"It's the last hill, in the steeplechase it's slowing down a lot in front of me. I think it's slower for a jerk to be put in, so I'll go behind and wait for it. Then I realize they're tired, they've slowed down because they can't stand it. When I'm about to step out, I don't come forward. I kind of lock myself in.

What do you think now, after Tallinn and that it now separates 22 points?

"Now I think I have to go really fast first in the prologue and then ride really well in the heats. And I might need some help from my teammates if it's going to go all the way.

Hoping for help from teammates

But exactly how a team run could go is not entirely nailed down.

"We'll see, but if there's anything you can do, I think they might do it anyway.

Maybe you submit some requests?

- Yes, maybe I should.

Then you think they're going to pick the same heat as you and try to let you out?

- Yes, for example. Or maybe more choose the same heats as someone else and drive them out early.

For example, Nadine Fähndrich?

- Yes, for example.

Sprint, Lahti, Saturday 25 March, 10.30 (qualifying), 13.00 (finals)