"It's been a great weekend, it feels great to end the season this well," Magnusson told SVT Sport.

Yesterday, she beat childhood friend Hanna Öberg in the sprint over 7.5 km.

"I felt like I was worn out today but on the final lap I still felt like I was in control, it was probably a bit of fluency for me that Hanna missed one in the last shot otherwise it would have been tough," Magnusson says.

Elvira Öberg shot you in today, was this a coaching victory?
"Yes, but you have to say that, she did well Elvira.

"Seems hard to crack Anna"

Hanna Öberg has not been able to get to Magnusson in Sollefteå.

"It seems to be difficult to crack Anna at this championship. The second layup sabbed this for me, but otherwise I feel in pretty good shape," Öberg said.

End of the season how much energy and powers do you have?
"I think I have quite a lot of energy anyway and it's fun to compete here and represent the club and compete in Sweden, we don't do that very often," Öberg concludes.

Tomorrow, the Swedish Championship in Sollefteå ends with the single mixed relay.