Maja Dahlqvist was 22 points behind Nadine Fähndrich for the prologue; after going into third best time, the distance is now down to 10 points, as Fähndrich was only 24th.

"It was a very good qualifier for me and the whole team. I think I need that today if it's going to go all the way," Maja Dahlqvist told SVT.

Maja Dahlqvist can win the sprint cup for the second year in a row, if she succeeds, it is historically good. No other Swede has won the overall cup two years in a row. She hopes for help from the other Swedes.

"They get to run everything for me today! she says.

Two Swedish skaters go in the same quarterfinals as Fähndrich.

"Frida (Karlsson) and I are in that quarter so we'll see what we can do," Lundgren said.

There are some tricks that you can resort to

The other Swedes are also set to help Maja Dahlqvist to first place.

"Of course we've talked together and we're going to try to team drive as usual for Maja today," Ribom says.

How to do it?

"There are some tricks that you can use, it's important points. We're going to do our best today.

"We will do everything we can to get Maja a little extra points and a nice trip to the final, so I hope we can do our utmost today," says Moa Ilar.

Jonna Sundling, Maja Dahlqvist, Johanna Hagström, Moa Ilar, Emma Ribom, Frida Karlsson and Moa Lundgren are all ready for the quarterfinals. The finals begin at 13:00 p.m.