Anicet Mbida 06:53, March 24, 2023

Anicet Mbida gives us every morning what is best in innovation. This Friday, he is interested in the invention of a traditional German abbey brewery, beer powder.

The innovation of the day might not appeal to purists and lovers of small foam. We have just invented the first beer packaged in powder.

It's reminiscent of the Tang of the 80s: you pour the bag, you add a little water and you get your drink. Except that this is not an old fruit juice with a chemical taste. You get real beer. A lager with all its flavor and thick foam.

Nor is it an idea of high-tech melted startupers. It is a beer that comes to us from a traditional German abbey brewery, the Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle. This is primarily an ecological approach. You should know that beer is composed of 90% water. So by reducing what is left in powder, we make a lot of savings in raw materials and transport. No more big barrels or bottles to store or send. Whether you are a bar, a restaurant or an individual, you will only have to add water to your tap to get a fresh draft beer. A beer, I specify... alcohol-free.

A draught beer from powder? What does it taste like?

Tastings are just beginning to be organized. We want to know how it will be received by amateurs. Obviously, they will not be told that it is some kind of Tang. Everything will be done blindly. Because you are right, it is the taste that prevails.

You should know that the sodas that are drunk in bars are often made from a syrup mixed with sparkling water, in a machine, under the counter. So why not do the same with beer?

Again, it will be necessary to mix the powder with sparkling water?

No, plain water. There is everything you need in powder.

By the way, I do not know if you know this, but there is powdered sparkling water. We take two small sachets of food powder. As soon as they mix in still water, it creates carbon dioxide and therefore bubbles. Several companies offer them, for example the French of Bubble it. Again, it's more environmentally friendly. This avoids plastic bottles and large gasification machines.