The 1-0 loss on home ice meant that Brynäs was relegated from the SHL/Elitserien for the first time. That's after only winning one game in the qualifiers against Malmö.

"It's a dark day for Brynäs, but it doesn't come like a flash from a clear sky, but this is the product of something that has been going on for a long time. It is the fifth qualifier of the 2000s. It is not possible to be so close so many times without ending up here, says Jonas Andersson and continues:

"It's a combination of a game system that hasn't benefited them, a player material that's not optimal and then a negative spiral during the season.

"All the conditions to succeed"

In the last ten years, only HV71 and Leksand have succeeded in making their visit down in hockeyallsvenskan one-year. But Andersson believes that Brynäs also has the potential to succeed.

- It's not that pitch black, I think. The key is for the whole city to join forces and for the fans to join in. Brynäs has so much long-standing tradition that they have all the prerequisites to succeed, he says.

The studio colleague in Hockeykväll, hockey journalist Johanna Dahlén, fills in.

"It all depends on how the association takes it. It's not easy, if you look at what the HockeyAllsvenskan qualifiers look like and that there are a lot of good teams in hockeyallsvenskan right now," she says.

Loob: "Something like that has to happen"

Brynäs fired head coach Mikko Manner ahead of qualifying and brought in club captain Ove Molin temporarily. That you quickly find a new coach, SVT expert Håkan Loob believes is important.

"I would be very careful with the choice of coaches and do it very quickly. I would make sure the sport really sticks out wherever you want. Everyone has to stop. HV71 received a huge support from the fans when they left. It's something like that that has to happen in Gävle as well," Loob said.