The Italian team has exceeded expectations so far during the world championship. And before the game, both teams entered with a chance to be ready for the playoffs.

The match started somewhat hesitantly. But after a completely failed stone from Sweden, it opened up for Italy in the third round. Merticated skipper Stefania Constantini made no mistake, pulling in three points for Italy.

"It was a bit tentative. Third place in the fourth round will be decisive and it feels really heavy, says Agnes Knochenhauer about the match to SVT Sport.

Sweden scored a good try and pressured Italy. But Team Hasselborg failed to reach the same level as in previous matches. Italy won the match 7-3 after Sweden gave up in the ninth round.

Ready for playoffs

Despite the fact that the winning streak of five straight games was broken, Sweden was still able to conclude after the game that it was ready for the playoffs. That's after Denmark outplayed Canada and through a weak effort from the U.S. team against South Korea.

The hope of semi-finals is still alive for Team Hasselborg. Sweden plays an outright decisive match against Denmark tonight and in the event of a win, the semi-final place is clear.

"We're going to continue the way we've played so far and give it our all. There's nothing to hold back on," Sara McManus said ahead of tonight's game.

The fate match for secured semi-final place against Denmark will be shown at 19:00 on SVT-play.