On the 13th day of the sumo spring tournament, out of the two players who were tied for the top spot with two losses, Suifuji of Hiramatsu was defeated, so the winner Daieisho Koyui took sole possession of the top.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Ten Itsunojo ni Samuraiyama is the 12th victory by Itsunojo with "Upper Throw".

▽ Mito Ryu wins Takashi with "Hatakin" ▽ Dongryu Wang Peng, Dong Long "Send out"

▽ Nishikifuji wins North Qingpeng with "Scoop Throw".

▽ Treasure Fuji to Myogiryu, Takarafuji "shoved down"
Myogiryu lost.

▽ Mt. Kinpu to Hirado Sea, Mt. Kinpu is "lean off" ▽ Mt. Bi to Kensho, Kensho is "lean off"

Hekiyama is a loser.

▽ Ura to Daisho Peng, Ura "pushes out" ▽ Ichiyamamoto to Koto Emitsu, Koto Emitsu won by "

leaning off".

▽ Takayasu to Chiyo Shoma, Takayasu won by "leaning in".

▽ Nishikiki to Teru, Nishikiki "pushed out"
Teru lost.

▽ Ontake Sea to Sada Sea, Sada Sea "Shoved" ▽ Ryuden to Masayo won by "


▽ Koto Katsuho to Jade Eagle, Koto Katsuho "withdraw" ▽ Aflame to Shomonkey won by "

Send out".

▽ Akio to Daieisho defended two losses by Daieisho "shove".

▽ Wakamotoharu Kitakatsu Fuji, Wakamotoharu "lean off" ▽ Kirimayama Endo, Kirimayama "send out" ▽ Suifuji won Hoshoryu and Hoshoryu won by "

Poor Throw".
Suifuji fell back to three losses.

▽ Wakataka Kage ni Kotonowaka won the first retake by Wakataka Kage with "extrusion".

At the end of the 2th day of Haruji, Daieisho took the sole lead with two losses, followed by Kirimayama, Wakamotoharu and Suifuji with three losses.

On the 3th, if Daieisho wins against Suifuji and Kirimayama and Wakamotoharu both lose, Daieisho's second championship will be decided without waiting for Chiakiraku.