In recent years, several runners from Swedish clubs have tested positive for doping after training in countries known to have a high doping risk. Among other things, Robert Fshia lost his European Championship gold after a positive doping test taken during a training camp in Ethiopia.

Now the Swedish Athletics Association may tighten the guidelines on where their runners can have training camps. This is what Secretary General Stefan Olsson told Swedish Radio.

"It's definitely something that we also discuss if there's reason to be even sharper and even sharper going forward," he says.

"Really tried"

At least five runners who have represented Sweden in international championships have in recent years been training in one of the seven countries that are identified as high-risk countries for doping. See the list of countries in the fact box below.

"We have really tried now in recent years to inform a lot about the risks that exist," says Stefan Olsson.

He emphasizes that the responsibility lies with the individual runner, but that the possibility of introducing stricter guidelines for Swedish runners who go to training camps there is now being reviewed.