These are the results of six professional baseball opening games.

Orix 5-2 Hanshin

Orix pitcher Yamashita, a third-year starter, threw six innings around a fastball that reached nearly 3 kilos, allowing three hits and two runs with seven strikeouts.

For Hanshin, Oyama hit a two-run shot in the first inning of the opener.

Japan Ham 3-1 Yakult

Rookie pitcher Kanemura, the No. 2 draft pick from Japan Ham, started the game and allowed only a solo home run by Osuna after throwing six fast-paced innings.

Yakult starting pitcher Ogawa was steady in control and gave up one run in five innings.

SoftBank 6-1 Hiroshima

Both opening pitchers pitched well without allowing a run. SoftBank pitcher Ozeki threw five innings and held them to a no-hitter, while Hiroshima pitcher Osera threw three innings and struck out four.

Kuribayashi returned from a strained hip and pitched one scoreless inning.

DeNA 4-1 Seibu

DeNA pitcher Ishida, who will be the opening pitcher, pitched well in six innings, giving up four hits and one run, and got a feel for it in the final adjustment pitch.

Seibu allowed three batters to go one inning, including a strikeout by two strikeouts in his first pitch of the opener.

Rakuten 4-1 Giants

Rakuten starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka threw three innings and gave up no runs on two hits. Japan tightened the key points for the first Opening Day pitcher in 3 years.

Meanwhile, the Giants' new pitcher, Beady, gave up three runs on four foreballs and one dead ball. I walked off the mound in the middle of the fourth inning.

Chunichi 1-0 Lotte

The opening pitchers of both teams finished well, and Chunichi starter Ogasawara pitched six innings and gave up no runs on seven hits. Lotte pitcher Kojima threw six innings, allowing five hits and one run.