Brynäs coach Ove Molin, like all other brynäsare in the arena where gävleklubben went out of the top league in hockey for the first time in 63 years, was devastated afterwards. And with tearful eyes, he tried to express his great disappointment.

"The last time we were in this (playout) was against HV. You don't wish this on anyone, now I know how others have felt. And it's damn good in pure Swedish," says Ove Molin, who took over as head coach when Mikko Manner was fired ahead of the playout qualifier against Malmö.

Brynäs is Gävle's DNA. How are you going to rise again after this?

"There are moments in sports life where you are celebrated and seen as something very big. And then there are days like this, you have to get out of this as well. Some wise man said that one is strengthened by adversity. It's time for us in the Brynäs family to show it.

Brynäs was eliminated from the SHL after a 1–4 draw in playout qualifiers against Malmö.