Part of the explanation behind the fact that so few women competed in Holmenkollen's five-mile, the women's first five-mile in the World Cup, is that the riders did not get enough recovery after the World Cup, Frida Karlsson believes.

The 23-year-old was in "Kollen" herself, but the day before the race she was forced to throw in the towel due to cold symptoms.

Karlsson's wishes: "Free weekend after championship"

"I think you should review the program, after a championship everyone is worn out and it's easy to get sick and things like that. If you want everyone to be at the races, which I guess you want, I think you should have a free weekend after championships and also after the Tour.

Should we change even more, have the World Cup last of the season?

- No, I don't think so. After the World Cup, you want to go everything, it's nothing to save on then. I think it's a good thing, but I think we can look at where we can get a little gap.

The International Ski Federation, Fis, has taken note of the criticism directed at the tight schedule and will review the program.

"Ideally, the break between would have been longer and in the future we will work with the Norwegian Ski Federation and other national ski federations to find the best possible date for Holmenkollen," race director Michal Lamplot told NRK earlier.

Four Swedish World Championship medalists make a comeback

Frida Karlsson is one of four Swedish World Cup medalists who were given an involuntary break after the World Championships due to illness – but now all four are back, even Ebba Andersson, Emma Ribom and William Poromaa are making a comeback this weekend.

Karlsson won't be on the sprint relay tonight, but will run the sprint on Saturday and the distance race on Sunday.

CLIP: This is how Frida Karlsson feels about the comeback: "Like when you started studying the last night before the exam"

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Karlsson before the comeback: "Like when you started studying the last night before the exam"