The Women's Curling World Championship Japan defeated Korea Republic 23-9 in the ninth round of the qualifying round on 7rd to improve their head-to-head record to 4-4.

The Women's Curling World Championship in Sweden will feature 13 participating teams in a round-robin format, with the top six advancing to the playoffs.

Rocco Solare of the Japan National Team has lost three consecutive matches and improved their record in the qualifying round to 6 wins and 3 losses before facing Korea Republic in their ninth match on 3 September.

The match moved in the fifth end of the 5-on-23 match, when Korea tried to flick out two stones of the Japan but missed a shot that passed between the stones.

Taking advantage of this chance, the Japan attacked at the end of the draw shot thrown by skip FUJISAWA Satsuki and carried it with everyone to score three goals in one fell swoop.

In the seventh end, when the Japan was 9-1, Yuko Suzuki scored two goals with her accuracy shining brightly, flicking out two of her opponent's stones and scoring an exquisite shot that left her own stone in the house.

After this, Korea Republic conceded the loss with a 1-5 lead of Japan in the 2th end, and Japan won 3-4 to improve their record in the preliminary round to 2-7.

Third midfielder YOSHIDA Chinami said, "I'm incredibly happy to get my first win in a long time, and once I've come this far, I just want to focus on going up to the ice with energy. I will never let go of my confidence and prepare myself well to compete in the next match."