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Today, the two national teams of the Chinese men's football team will complete their first official appearance in New Zealand in 2023: the 99-year-old Asian Games men's football team will take the lead in welcoming a friendly match with the New Zealand U10 Olympic team at 30:22 Beijing time; The national team then challenged New Zealand at 14 o'clock to officially blow the clarion call for the 13th World Cup.

Both new coaches, Jankovic and Djurjevic, made their debuts, and in the midst of change and change, the Serbian friends are eager to deliver satisfactory results in their debuts.

Yang Shuai expects chemistry from veterans and newcomers

"We came here with ambition to compete in two races and to strive for good results." At the pre-match press conference, the new coach of the national football team, Jankovic, believes that this is the first time that the national team has participated in an international competition since last year's East Asian Cup, and the international players are very excited and motivated, even friendly matches should be treated as official matches.

Speaking about opponents New Zealand, Jankovic said: "We are aware of the strengths of New Zealand players, including physical strength and fast pace, but when it comes to planning, 95% of the time it is me. First of all, we have to compete with the strong physical quality of the opponent, and on this basis, we use our characteristics for targeted deployment, and for the Chinese team at this stage, the opponent is exactly the style we need. ”

This is the first battle after Yankovic took office, the desire for victory is self-evident, but it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, the withdrawal of naturalized players Axon, Jiang Guangtai and the serious disorganization of the defensive line, coupled with just taking over the national football team only led the team training for three weeks, the new coach's tactical concept is difficult to really instill in place in a short period of time, Jankovic still needs to rely on Wu Lei, Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng and other veterans, with the main team of last year's World Preliminary Tournament to meet the enemy, how to stimulate the strongest combat effectiveness with "clear cards" is the most difficult issue he faces.

In this regard, Jankovic hopes that both veterans and newcomers will have a fighting spirit, team spirit and the spirit of sacrifice, "Experienced veterans play an important role in the process of carrying on the upper and lower levels and introducing new people, and I hope that old experience and new blood can produce chemistry."

The New Zealand team is currently ranked 105th internationally, and although the national football team is 25 places higher than its opponents, it has not assembled for nearly a year, and there are question marks about its competitive status and tacit understanding.

Judging from the previous two warm-up matches, Wu Lei, Lin Liangming and Tan Long are likely to play the attacking iron triangle, while Zhu Chenjie, who returned from the Asian Games men's team, is expected to partner Wei Zhen or Zhang Linpeng as a central defender.

For the two gates, Jankovic prefers Sun Guowen in the left-back position, and Zhang Linpeng and Deng Hanwen have the possibility of guarding the right wing. The old and new defence will face a powerful attack from New Zealand high school striker Wood, who is 1.91 metres tall and scored twice in 2012 and 2014. After Yankovic took office, he focused more on the overall defense, and whether this new defense line can withstand Wood's "air attack" will be a big watch.

Can the new changes of Jiu Shuai cause qualitative changes?

Although Gyuljevic, like Jankovic, has just taken over the seal, the men's Asian Games team is more prepared. Jankovic has previously coached the Asian Games men's football team for nearly 4 years, and has fully understood the technical characteristics of players under the age of 99; Moreover, in response to the preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games, the quality and density of the warm-up matches in the past year were stronger than those of the national football team.

More importantly, it is through Jankovic's introduction that Gyurjevic became the new coach of the Asian Games men's team, and the transition between the two coaches is very smooth, and the tactical system and style previously created by Jankovic are expected to continue. On this basis, Jurjevic's active change after taking office can be regarded as the best choice after communication between the two Serbs.

In terms of formation, the Asian Games men's football team has gradually changed from 433 to 4411, and the offensive end used to emphasize the breakthrough or penetration of the wing, but now when switching from defense to attack, Gyurjevic hopes to regard the middle as a breakthrough and emphasize the offensive cooperation in the middle.

The biggest change in personnel is that Dai Weijun and Wang Haijian changed from the back waist to the front waist, equivalent to the role of the shadow front, installed behind the center Zhang Wei or Fang Hao, will shoulder more offensive organization and forward insertion tasks, whether this change can become the offensive flashpoint of the Asian Games men's team, it remains to be tested in actual combat.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chai Zhi