At the World Figure Skating Championships held in Japan, a short program was held in the first half of the men's singles on the 23rd, and Masama Uno, who is aiming for a second consecutive title, scored the highest score in the world this season with a stable performance that scored two quadruple jumps.

The World Figure Skating Championships, which are being held in Japan for the first time in four years, were held at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City on the 4rd with a short program for the first half of the men's singles.

Uno, who is aiming to win his second consecutive title, suffered a twisting right ankle injury after falling while landing a jump during an official practice session on 2nd.

At the beginning of the performance, it was a four-turn flip with an injured right foot, but when he scored brilliantly, the subsequent consecutive jumps from the four-turn toe loop showed light icing that did not feel the effects of the injury.

In addition to scoring a triple axel in the second half, he also scored the highest rating level four in all three spins, which has been an issue this season due to missing levels.

Although Uno fell short of his personal best set at last year's World Championships, he scored 22.4, the highest score in the world this season, and showed his strength as a leading player to take the lead.

Kazuki Tomono, who is competing for the third time in two consecutive years, got a high score in the 2/3 turn that he jumped at the beginning, but he fell in the 4-turn Salcoe and could not improve his score, and was in seventh place with a time of 3.4.

Sota Yamamoto, who was competing for the first time, made a mistake in his jump and fell behind in 75th place with a time of 48.17.

In second place was 2-year-old Ilia Malinin of the United States, who set a new personal best with a score of 18.4, including a combination of a difficult four-turn Lutz and a three-turn Lutz.

In third place was Korea's Cha Joon-hwan, who gave a mistake-free performance.

Masama Uno: "I think I got it out."

Uno Masama said after his performance, "I think I was able to show it, it wasn't perfect by any means, but due to my poor condition, I entered the match with a more 'I'm going to do my best' than usual, as if I was going to show my emotions for the first time in a long time. That made me happy."

Regarding the condition of his right ankle, he explained, "I thought it was bad right after twisting, but with the support and luck, it was much less of a hindrance than I imagined.

"I've had a lot of experiences like this in the past, and I initially thought that training in pain wouldn't help me, but I think that experience has helped me live the opposite. The other thing is how to adjust the three jumps that I jump, which are loops, sarcoes, and flips, which are free jumps when I am not feeling very well."

On top of that, he said with a calm expression, "To be honest, before the short program, I didn't have time to think about back-to-back titles or anything like that.