Alexander Isak has picked up steam at Newcastle after the tough thigh scrutiny that kept him out of games in the autumn.

Against Wolverhampton on March 12, he accounted for a delicious header goal, and on Friday he became a big match hero when he accounted for two goals.

"It's been nice. The first six months at the club were tough and it took some time to come back, but now I feel fully fit," he said.

Now the Swede has been nominated as one of six players of the month, and is also competing to win March's best-looking goal.

- I just saw it. This month's goal was a bit of a surprise. Fun! Like I said, the last two games have felt very good and that's a little bit of a testament to that.

"I'm happy about that. There are a lot of good players there who had a good month.

Which of the prizes would you like to win most often?

"I had chosen the player of the month but hadn't turned them down both," he says with a smile.

How important were the goals to you?

"It was good timing. When you come to the national team with good form so it felt important.

See Isaac's goal that is nominated for goal of the month in the player above