The big drama was absent when Örebro took their third win in the quarterfinal series against Timrå.

The away team took a 2–0 lead in the first period and finally rowed a 4–2 victory. Timrå pressed for a reduction towards the end but goalkeeper Jonas Arntzen resisted with a couple of delicious parades.

"I was just trying to go out and have fun. It was fun to play and I got a lot of energy," Arntzen told C More.

"Advantage Örebro now"

Timrå's captain Anton Lander was not as cheerful.

" It's advantage Örebro now. We're just allowed to reload. We have to find a better balance from the start," he says.

Örebro has the chance to decide the match series on Saturday, when the teams meet again.

See Örebro's first two goals in the player above.