In the final of the WBC = World Baseball Classic baseball tournament, Japan defeated USA 3-2 to win their third title in three tournaments.

Sadaharu Oh, the winning coach of the first tournament and chairman of SoftBank's baseball team, said, "It was wonderful. I was surprised when Darvish and Ohtani came out."

In addition, the winning coach of the second tournament and the coach of the giants, Tatsunori Hara, congratulated the Japan national team, saying, "It's a crazy dance, and I watched it with the same feeling, but I want to say 'Thank you for your hard work.'"

1st (2006) Champion Sadaharu Oh, Chairman of the Baseball Team

SoftBank Baseball Team Chairman Sadaharu Oh commented on the victory, saying, "It was great. We are a team that is good enough to play in the finals, so we thought it would not be easy to score runs because we are both at a high level, but the pitchers did a great job. I was surprised when Darvish and Ohtani came out."

"Coach Kuriyama's coaching this time was a big hit, and although we gathered excellent players, I think it was difficult to use them. I made decisions where I had to make them, and I thought it was amazing. Everyone did their part well," praised coach Kuriyama and his players.

Sadaharu Oh, President of the Baseball Team

Q.Did you regain the world title?

A.That was wonderful. It was strong.

Q.Where did you watch the game?

A.I watched it in my room, in my room.

Q.Looking back on the final?

A.We are a team that is good enough to play in the finals, so we thought it would not be so easy to score runs because both teams are at a high level, but the pitchers did a great job

Q.Ohtani tightened up?

A. I was surprised when Darvish and Ohtani came out.

Q.Did Ohtani play a big role in throwing this tournament?

A.There are times when you can only get results in the United States. The fact that he participated in the WBC itself made the WBC very exciting. Even if it gets exciting, there are times when there are cases of unexpected empty swings, but he really made it more exciting regardless of that.

Q.Murakami, who was sluggish in the Japan, hit a home run in the final, but what overlaps with Fukudome when Chairman Wang was the manager of the first tournament?

A.The WBC doesn't know much about the opposing pitcher. That's why it's so difficult to hit a home run. Well, he hit the final shot in the semi-finals, didn't he? When he was starting to get back to normal, we played in the semi-finals and finals in the United States, so he was in a really good mood and I was in a good mood that I thought he could be included in the next season.

Q. What about Darvish's pitcher?

A.He came out of the camp in Miyazaki from the beginning. After all, as long as you do it, you will win, which is the pride of being a major leaguer. I think he probably told the players that the majors weren't that great or amazing that everyone thought was great, but it was great that he came out from the beginning and had a positive impact on the players in many ways.

Q.Did Kondo's blow shine at SoftBank?

A.I knew from the camp that I was doing pretty well. You worked really hard at the No. 2 position.

Q.Can you expect to come back to the team?

A.You've already proven that you're capable, don't you?

Q.What was Coach Kuriyama's leadership throughout the tournament?

A.You used your players well. There are really pitchers who have pitched in different positions from their respective roles. I think everyone did their part well.

Q.Can only Coach Kuriyama transfer from Darvish to Ohtani?

A.They're pretty big players, so it's the last thing they use. I don't know what Darvish, Ohtani and Coach Kuriyama talked about, but it was difficult to make such a decision, that's for sure.

Q.You won the championship without losing a single match, but how did you compete for the Japan national team?

A.I think everyone participated with some understanding of that. That's why there were a lot of people who competed in the Olympics. After all, this is the atmosphere at international matches. As far as the WBC is concerned Japan we have to win this year. I think everyone understood that we were in that position and participated in it from the camp all the way.

Q.The WBC tournament is getting more and more exciting every year.

A.The WBC is already competing for the best in the world. When I did it, there was no such atmosphere at all. This time, I was flying especially in Corona. In that sense, the feelings of the participating players were extremely strong. The qualifying rounds in each region were also exciting. That's why the semi-finals and finals in the U.S. attracted attention from all over the world.

Q.Will the number of children who want to play baseball increase?

A.For baseball, it was a very encouraging victory. But baseball, as you can see from this time, is difficult. It's not that easy to hit a pitcher's pitch. The American players were amazing, but the Japan pitchers outnumbered them. So, after all, we should work on the fact that it is difficult from the beginning. If everyone thinks it's easy, they won't be able to continue. That's why it's difficult for the kids, but if they keep practicing and doing it, they'll be able to hit it as much as possible. I want them to be motivated by that.

Q.Finally, what would you say to Coach Kuriyama and the Japan National Team?

A.After all, Kuriyama's conducting this time was a big hit. We had a very good team of players, but I think it was difficult to use them. But there were some things that I really decided to make, and I thought it was amazing. And the use of players. But with conviction, he spent many years looking at the characteristics of each player for the selection of the national team. I think it was an unwavering way for him. That led to the win, so I think he's really trying to do what he's going to do. I really want to say thank you for your hard work.

2nd (2009) Winning Coach Giant Tatsunori Hara

Hara told reporters at the Tokyo Dome, "The whole Japan shook. I watched it with the same feeling, but I want to say 'Thank you for your hard work.'"

As a former coach, he praised Coach Kuriyama's skills, saying, "The Japan National Team was able to compete with a wonderful squad this time, and I think it is a very meaningful victory that Coach Kuriyama's personality and passion were able to build this team and beat the United States, the birthplace of baseball, in the final."

Commenting on the tournament in which many players playing in the big leagues participated, he said, "The WBC tournament has been very well recognized all over the world, and we have built a strong team in our time, but this time we had many wonderful battles with the best members from all countries. I'm very happy."

NPB Commissioner Sadayuki Sakakibara: "Japan a great asset to the baseball world"

Professional Baseball Commissioner Sadayuki Sakakibara said, "Seeing players playing in Japan and abroad unite to compete on the world stage gave us great enthusiasm and excitement during the Japan. Through the tournament, he deepened exchanges with other countries and his attitude of respecting his opponents once again conveyed to the world the wonderfulness of sports. Needless to say, the victory was a victory, but I believe that all the activities that started at the Miyazaki camp became an irreplaceable asset for the Japan baseball world. The pennant race will begin soon. We look forward to your continued warm support for professional baseball."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno: "Wonderful feat" 22nd National team to Prime Minister's Office

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference on the afternoon of March 22, "I believe that many people were encouraged and moved by the sight of the Samurai Japan players who worked as a team in every match and each and every one of them dedicated themselves to fulfilling their assigned roles.

"I think it is a great achievement that has greatly excited the people, and I would like to express my gratitude to the teams and athletes who have achieved results at the Olympics and the WBC," he said, announcing that the athletes representing the Japan national team are scheduled to visit the Prime Minister's Office on June 1.