Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongxin Net) -- After three years, this reporter has once again entered a brand-new industrial body.

Although it has been "transformed" into a modern professional football stadium, it still gives a familiar taste, like meeting an old friend who has come unharmed. Looking around the brand-new stands, the familiar opening line of the game "Where is this?" Beijing! "It still seems to linger in my ears.

With the opening of the new season of the Chinese Super League getting closer and closer, Beijing Guoan's home stadium will also be officially unveiled. What are the upgrades and highlights here? How is the experience? China News Network reporter will take you to find out first!

A brand new worker. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

The experience has been greatly upgraded

Seeing a corner of the new work body in the distance at the intersection, a long-lost sense of familiarity came to my face. In front of me, this familiarity is even stronger.

The form and proportion of the façade of the new work, the oval shape, and even the glass of the exterior wall and the square window flowers under the eaves are all the appearance of the old worker.

But when you enter the interior of the work, it is a new sense of modernity, and the experience is much more upgraded than before. For example, the internal passages and halls of the stadium are spacious and bright, and straight and escalators have been added.

There are also electronic displays near the entrance of the grandstand passage and toilet, which can display the number of the stand, real-time information of the game, data, etc., and even if you are not in the stands, you can also know the real-time information on the field.

The appearance of the work body is still familiar. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

Entering the venue, this experience is even more upgraded. The reporter noticed in the new workshop that the distance between the front and rear of the seat was wider than before, the height of the back of the seat was also increased, and a cup holder was added, which was very comfortable to sit on the court seat.

Since the grandstand on the first floor of the new building is below the level, in order to better ventilate, ventilation is installed under the grandstand seats, and I believe that in the sweltering summer, the viewing experience is much more comfortable than before.

The huge "BEIJING FC" words on the dark green stands will definitely have a full "family flavor" for Beijing Guoan fans.

A brand new worker. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

In addition to near or close

In addition, the biggest feeling in the stadium is that it is close to the arena. According to on-site staff, the distance between the first row of the east and west stands is only 8.5 meters from the turf, which has reached the top level within the FIFA standard, especially on the west stand side, the bench and the player warm-up area are in front of you.

When it comes to the game, the front-row fans can even hear the coach and players talking, see the subtle expressions of the players on the field, and feel the fierce physical confrontation between the players up close.

When the reporter visited the worker, which was in the final stage of construction, the on-site staff said that the area from the stand to the lawn will be paved with artificial grass in the future, and it will visually feel closer to the arena.

In fact, not only the first row, but also the reporters walked to the second and third grandstands, and they all felt that they were particularly close to the arena in terms of visual distance. It is understood that the new body has a total of 6,8 seats, and in terms of line of sight elevation value, all of them meet FIFA requirements between 60-120 mm, optimizing the visual experience of fans watching the game live.

The seat spacing of the new work bleachers has been widened.

Not losing to the World Cup stadium

The reporter has walked to many foreign professional football stadiums before, including many World Cup stadiums, such as the Bay Stadium and Lusail Stadium, which impressed everyone at the World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year. From the personal comparison, the new team is definitely not lost to these professional stadiums.

According to on-site staff, the new work was designed and constructed in full accordance with relevant FIFA standards. The circular LED screens under the stands of each stadium of the Qatar World Cup also appeared in the new work, which can greatly render the warm atmosphere of the scene, present a three-dimensional multi-sensory experience, and will also provide more artistic presentation methods for the future operation of the stadium.

Including the newly replaced LED light source, it can be turned on and off, and there is no need to wait an hour to turn on the lights as before. And it can also cater to the current trend of world football events, and add light shows before the game.

New Gongti North Stand "diehard" fan area. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

There are also new 300 square meters of large screens on the north and south sides of the new work body, which are fully upgraded in size and clarity, and the installation method of 30° inverted to ensure that the audience from all angles can watch the game more conveniently and ensure that there are no dead angles in 360°.

In terms of private room reception, catering and commodity sales area, barrier-free viewing area, toilet ratio setting, etc., the new work body is also an all-round benchmark against international standards.

It is foreseeable that the home game experience of Beijing Guoan team will be unprecedented in the future. Are you looking forward to coming here for a football match? (End)