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Meeting in Clairefontaine before the qualifying match for Euro 2024 against the Netherlands this Friday, the Blues arrived one by one to join their coach Didier Deschamps. All but two: the Thuram brothers. Khafre and Marcus arrived together. An arrival in the same car delayed by their father Lilian...

Parental pride. If there is one thing every parent dreams of, it is to support the success of their child. And Lilian Thuram is no exception to tradition. On the move in Clairefontaine on the occasion of the gathering of the France team before the Euro 2024 qualifying match against the Netherlands, the 98 world champion has, unintentionally, delayed the arrival of his sons Khéphren and Marcus, both selected in Blues by Didier Deschamps.

As they were preparing to join the base camp of the French selection, Lilian Thuram stopped the car where her two sons were present to immortalize the moment. The latter did not hide his satisfaction and happiness to see his two offspring join the team of France. On the video, we hear the former defender of the Blues blowing: "Marcus, look at Daddy", to which Marcus Thuram immediately replied: "Dad, we will be late" to calm the joy of his father.

Lilian Thuram who sees her sons go together in the France team.

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Family history

Marcus accompanied his little brother Khéphren who is taking his first steps in the France A team. Two brothers, the first aged 25, the other 21, who will share the jersey for the first time. But this is not the first time that two brothers have found themselves in the France team. This has already happened twelve times. On the other hand, it is the second time in the space of two years, since the Revelli brothers in 1974: Theo and Lucas Hernandez had then joined the Blues together in September 2021, during the Final Four of the League of Nations in Italy.