Experts estimate that the economic impact of Japan winning the WBC = World Baseball Classic for the first time in three baseball tournaments is about 3 billion yen.

Professor Emeritus Katsuhiro Miyamoto of Kansai University, who specializes in economics, estimated the economic impact of Japan winning this time based on data from past WBC tournaments.

As a result, we estimate that the direct economic effect is estimated to be 87,12.96 million yen, with more than 276.1503 billion yen in sales of food and beverages and lodging for spectators visiting the games held at the Tokyo Dome, more than 596.4847 billion yen in sales of sports bars and izakaya where people can watch the games, and more than 2009.505 billion yen in purchases and other expenses by fans in the event of the victory parade.

Furthermore, if we add the ripple effects such as increased consumption by employees of companies whose sales have increased, the total economic effect is at least 5405,<>.<> million yen.

This is much higher than the <>,<>.<> million yen estimated at the <> tournament in which Japan won the previous tournament.

"The Otani effect is also very big in the economy."

Professor Emeritus Miyamoto said, "It is said to be the strongest samurai Japan in history, and it is not surprising that consumption will increase further and the effect will be about 650 billion yen.