The Seattle Kraken had a 1–0 lead at the start of the first period, after an early goal by Brandon Tanev. Dallas' equalizer was somewhat anourlunda. Finn Miro Heiskanen shot from a distance, but missed. The puck hit the net behind the goal, but then bounced into the goal via the goalie's back.

Seattle looked to be heading for the victor, but with a measly second left in the third period, Jamie Benn equalized to make it 4–4.

But Seattle took the extra point after all. Adam Larsson got a puck in the middle zone, set the pace, rounded the goalie and put the puck to victory for Seattle, which won 5–4. Larsson also produced one assist in the game and now stands at 30 points, six goals and 24 assists in 70 games.

"Fantastic, there's never any panic, it was a strong team effort," Adam Larsson told Seattle Krakes social media.