"It was an incredibly nice win and I think we played well for 60 minutes. We didn't want to lose any close games and it got a little grumpy when we played a lot against each other," Linus Sandin told C More.

At the start of the third period, Rögle took the lead again – 3-2. Linus Sandin got a nice handover and was able to push in and shoot goals from outside. Skellefteå's goalkeeper Frans Tuohmaa was obscured. Adam Edstrom got the puck completely free and was able to put in a 4-2 empty-netter bag. Then came the 5-2 empty-net bag by Ludvig Larsson.

Zeroed in two games

After Adam Edström's 3-2 goal in Skellefteå on Thursday, Rögle was zeroed by Skellefteå in two games before the zero could be broken tonight.

Adam Engstrom scored 1-0 after 14:11. By then, two hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds had passed between the Rögle goals. Engstrom had the puck, took a pirouette up at the blue, and pulled off a wrist shot that Touhmaa couldn't see among all the players who were in the way.