Senbatsu High School Baseball will feature three second-round games on the sixth day of the tournament.

Game 1

The first match will be between Takasaki Health and Welfare University Takasaki High School in Gunma and Hotoku Gakuen in Hyogo.

Kendai Takasaki, who will be making their sixth appearance in two years, is characterized by their "mobile destruction" style of play, in which Masubuchi Satoshi, who scored a team-leading seven stolen bases in an official game last fall, aggressively steals bases and aims for the next base.

Hotoku Gakuen, which has won the championship three times in the spring and summer, has captain and catcher Hori Hiirina as a central offensive and defensive player.
The time from catching the ball to sending the ball to second base is in the 1.2-second range, which is comparable to that of a professional player.

It is worth noting the confrontation between Kendai Takasaki's mobility and Hori's strong shoulder.

Game 2

The second match will be between Himi High School in Toyama, who are participating in the 2st century slot, and Yamanashi Gakuin, who won the match immediately after the opening ceremony.

For Himi, pitcher Takumi Aono, who is an ace and hits the center axis even in the batting lineup, is the mainstay of the team.
In an official game last fall, despite being only one year from catcher to pitcher, he threw well with a one-run ERA centered on straights and splits of over 21 kilometers.

Yamanashi Gakuin had double-digit hits in the first round, and ace pitcher Kengo Hayashi threw a complete game with one run.
Senbatsu has never made it past the second round and will aim for the team's best result in their sixth appearance.

Game 3

The third match will be between Kochi High School and Shosha High School in Osaka.

In the first round, sophomore pitcher Shodai Tsujii, who was assigned to start the official game for the first time, held the team to one run until the middle of the eighth inning to lead the team to victory.
There are other strong pitchers in the lineup, such as ace pitcher Sosuke Nakajima, who did not pitch in the first round.

Shosha, who has won the summer Koshien championship, has a batting average of 3/1/2 and an average of 8.1 runs scored per game in official matches last fall, both of which are the third highest among participating schools.
In addition, he scored 1 stolen bases in 3 games in official games last fall, so his mobility is also noteworthy.