Anicet Mbida 06:52, March 22, 2023

Anicet Mbida gives us every morning what is best in innovation. This Wednesday, he is interested in a solution to treat back pain, thanks to injections.

The innovation of the day is a lot of hope for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Until now, we have been content to relieve pain. But soon, we could finally succeed in curing ourselves.

You should know that most back pain (low back pain, sciatica, herniated discs) is related to worn or damaged discs. This can be caused either by age or by false movements or repeated efforts. The disc that separates the vertebrae eventually deteriorates. It no longer plays its role as a shock absorber. This causes pain and loss of mobility.

Until now, it was thought that this process was irreversible. That once damaged, the discs were impossible to repair. As a result, we did not really have a solution except to relieve the person either with painkillers or with physiotherapy. But now, we see the arrival of the first techniques capable of really repairing disks. This is done, in addition, without surgery with simple injections into the disc. They will fill the cracks, plump the disc and restore its cushioning power.

Is it theoretical or has it already been tested on patients?

It has already been tested, quite long by the way, on a hundred people with damaged discs. A first study followed his patients for six months. The latest one stretched over three years. And each time, the results were the same: all those treated saw their back pain drop considerably and permanently. The majority have regained greater ease of movement. Some were even able to resume a completely normal activity.

This is really a huge step forward. Especially since three different treatments corroborate these results: the gel of the company ReGelTec, the injections of the VAST program of the Clinical Radiology of Oklahoma and the stem cell treatment of the Australians of Mesoblast.

What does that mean? That we have finally found a cure for the evil of the century?

Maybe... In any case, we now have three very promising tracks. Some have even received the rare classification of "revolutionary device" by the American drug watchdog. A classification reserved for experimental products that are more effective than conventional treatments.

So yes! We are well on our way to, no longer relieve, but cure back pain.