At the Women's Curling World Championship Japan, they won 20-5 against Norway in the fifth round of the qualifying round on the 10th, improving their head-to-head record to 3-3 with three consecutive wins.

Rocco Solare, who represented the Japan team at the Women's World Curling Championship in Sweden, defeated the United States in the fourth match of the qualifying round on the 3th to improve their record to 20-4 (2 draws), and then faced Norway in the fifth match.

Japan took a one-goal lead in the third end, but in the fourth end, they made a mistake to take out their team's stone, and their opponents scored three goals and allowed the comeback.

Even so, Japan scored one goal in the sixth end to tie the game at 2-3, and in the seventh end, third player YOSHIDA Chinami and skip FUJISAWA Satsuki put pressure on their opponents with exquisite shots to invite mistakes, and scored three goals to win the match.

Japan scored one run in the eighth end and three more in the ninth to extend the lead with four consecutive steals, at which point the opponent admitted the loss.

Japan beat Norway 6-1 to improve their record to 7-3 in the qualifying round.

SUZUKI Yuko said, "It was difficult to cope with the changes in the ice, but I realized that the team's communication will improve the development of the match, and I hope to communicate more and respond well in the next match."